SMS (Short Message Service)

The SMS is one of the most used communication systems. It is a message with a maximum of 160 latin characters and symbols that mobile phone users send to others.

A study even pointed out that mobile phone users can be classified in one of these two groups: talkers or texters. The first category prefers to talk on the phone, and the second, using SMS. These messages are really popular, especially among teenagers.

Technicalities of an SMS

The Short Message System is a text sent with a mobile phone mostly that can contain a maximum of 160 characters. The “texts” can be sent either from one point to another (SMS-PP) or broadcasted; from one point to several in a specific region or location (SMS-CB). The latter is usually the solution used for public announcement: about the weather or discounts for example.

Uses of the Short Message System

With time, this messaging system has led to new ways of communicating. Not only used for one person to communicate with another, it is now also helpful for marketing processes. Short codes rapidly came into existence after some time. They are used to address a message, or text, to a specific service. They can be used for polls (a TV show for example), promotions (either by coupons or simply to announce them) and even for games. Web-based services companies, like Google, have also been using SMS that alert their users of new messages, mails or other forms of notifications.

Advantages and disadvantages of the SMS

Among the advantages of this system, the fact that it is a discreet and quick way of communication is the one that matters the most for the average user. It does not require a computer or an internet connection to be used. Moreover, the same text can be sent, or broadcasted, to multiple persons at the same time. However, some disadvantages have been found about the SMS. Depending on the network operator, the charging scheme varies, and some pay both when sending and receiving a message. During high traffic, the delay for the reception of the messages can be from minutes to hours.

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