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Card-swipe mobile payment solution to be launched by Bank of America

The Bank of America is soon starting a mobile payment system called Mobile Pay on Demand. This news has surprised more than one person in the payment processing business. Mobile payment systems which operate through card readers are more commonly provided by mobile phone companies or e-payment providers. It is therefore rather surprising to see the Bank of America provide …

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PayPal integrates Virtual Piggy to its payment solution services

eBay subsidiary PayPal has integrated Virtual Piggy to its interface. This partnership bodes well for the business of the latter payment solution provider. With its unique type of payment solution, Virtual Piggy is a very interesting contender in the online payment field. Indeed, the service it proposes allows children who are still under the care of their parents to make …

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Bancnet: electronic banking consortium gets new POS hardware provider

Hybrid Paytech Asia, a subsidiary of Freeport Capital, has contracted with Philippino electronic banking consortium BancNet to become its authorised POS hardware provider. Hybrid’s work in this cooperative partnership will encompass the integration of Mobile handheld technology and standard Point of Sale (POS) terminals to BancNet’s point of sale network. The purpose of the partnership is to improve the electronic …

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Virtual Piggy: New Nirve Sports e-commerce & online payment solution

Virtual Piggy’s safe youth payments e-commerce and online payment technologies will be available on the Nirve Sports online shop as from the 9th of November 2012. Nirve Sports already has its own e-commerce solution which operates on its online shop. However, Virtual Piggy’s solution will make this company’s client-base increase because according to Virtual Piggy’s CEO, bikes are very popular …

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