Virgopass Premium

We offer you a complete payment products Suite for every distribution channel. From basic premium numbers allocation to dedicated subscription application, We are able to reach your needs witch a batch of services, dedicated to your revenue development.

Premium Payment Solutions
Payment Solution Premium

We offer a wide range of alternative payment means to the credit card with high conversion rate, frictionless user experience and a global coverage in a constant growing.

Subscription Platform


We have developed for years a strong expertise in subscription services for every payment solutions.

  • Daily, weekly or monthly period with promotion features.
  • SMS MT premium, Web and Mobile subcription coverage

Our subcription engine can optimize your customer identification to display the highest conversion solution.

Anonymization Call Solution

You have developped a website to put each other people in contact, we offer you to add value to your service and monetize your customer databasis with DNA (Dynamic Number Allocation), our linking tool solution:

  • Tool free number to hide personal user number.
  • Premium number to connect merchant to customer.

Virgopass Value Added


Technology Payment Solution
Solid and flexible, Virgopass payment platform guarantee a high delivery rate for every treated payment transactions.

With a 24/24 7/7 infrastructure supervision, we are safely managing up to 5 millions transactions per month, which not bad!

Direct Connections

Direct Connection Payment Solution
Thanks to our local presence, we have developped direct connections with the telecom and mobile operators.

Plus having the best payouts, it gives us an advance in term of innovative projects.

Publishing Expertise

Publishing Expertise Payment
For years, we have developed Direct to consumer entertainment services throug our own publishing network (Digital Virgo Entertainment).

ROI oriented, we have created a bunch of tools to help you generating more revenue (codeless billing, subscription services based…)

International Presence

International Payment Solution
Digital Virgo has local offices in 14 countries in 3 continents (Europe, Latin America and Africa.)

Our subsidiaries are leaders in their domestic market and connected with the largest media and telecom operators.