The Paypers publishes guide online payment and finance

Finance enthusiasts and professionals will be glad to hear that online payment consultancy website The Paypers has released its Online Payments Market Guide (OPMG) 2012.

This analysis of the e-commerce scene is published for the ultimate purpose of providing insight as to the state of electronic payment in the world of finance. The OPMG is released on a yearly basis by the website and contains information given from renowned analysts.

A guide for those interested in finance in general

The Paypers’s OPMG 2012 is definitely a must. No yearly finance publication will give you such in depth information about what products and services you should consider purchasing. The goal of this OPMG is to give an unbiased opinion about online payment agencies so that there is an evolution in this field. This year’s edition is the third and it simply should not be missed if you want to know all the innovations, present and future, in the field of e-commerce and online payment.

The popularity of this guide

The third edition of the OPMG contains critical information as to the state of online payment. Various interviews from experts and stakeholders in this industry are included in it. It is therefore not only a good read but also a reliable source for any future analyses. The surprise of this third edition is the feedback which several leaders of the e-payment industry have given about the OPMG 2011. Moreover, these leaders also speak about their strategies and all the difficulties that the e-commerce industry will face.

Views of online payment and finance gurus

The OPMG 2012 is read by 60,000 people each year. It gives a definitive view about the pros and cons of latest trends and developments. This publication is recommended by many specialists of the field. It can be downloaded on The Paypers website